Roger is a Software Engineer living in Sydney, Australia. As a polyglot engineer, working with C#, Objective-C (iOS), Java (Android) and Javascript, he has found his passion with the Go programming language.

Roger is currently a Principal Enginner at SafetyCulture, where he helps team’s design, and build, their microservice architecture using gRPC and Go.


  • v8go - A Go module package to execute JavaScript
  • grpc-web-devtools - Chrome browser extension to aid gRPC-Web development; view gRPC messages de-serialized into JSON just like the standard Network devtool.
  • protoc-gen-gogrpcmock - protoc plugin to generate a Go server that mocks the message responses for gRPC.
  • djinni-parser - A lexer and parser for the Djinni IDL in Go.