Roger is a Software Engineer living in Sydney, Australia. As a polyglot engineer, previously working with C# (ASP.NET), Objective-C (iOS), Java (Android) and Javascript (Node.js and React), he has found his passion with the Go programming language.

Roger is currently Principal Enginner (Architecture) at SafetyCulture, where he helps team's design, and build, their microservice architecture using gRPC, Protocol Buffers, Docker, Kubernetes and Go.


  • dotfiles - All my dotfiles (configuration) for my development tools (OSX, iTerm2, tmux, vim etc)
  • v8go - A Go module package to execute JavaScript
  • grpc-web-devtools - Chrome browser extension to aid gRPC-Web development; view gRPC messages de-serialized into JSON just like the standard Network devtool.
  • protoc-gen-gogrpcmock - protoc plugin to generate a Go server that mocks the message responses for gRPC.
  • djinni-parser - A lexer and parser for the Djinni IDL in Go.
  • networking - A collection of syscall socket applications for the Computer Networking course at Bradfield School of Computer Science.